Advanced Animal Diagnostics Inc

Industry: Agriculture (See others in industry)

633 Davis Drive Suite 460
Morrisville, NC, 27560
Phone: 919-706-0690


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-05-05 New $2,450,000 SEC link
2016-10-27 New $1,500,000 SEC link
2016-06-28 Amended $3,507,667 SEC link
2016-03-08 New $1,716,334 SEC link
2014-12-02 New $14,770,889 SEC link
2014-10-17 Amended $3,516,347 SEC link
2014-09-18 Amended $3,016,347 SEC link
2014-09-03 Amended $2,516,347 SEC link
2014-04-17 New $1,716,347 SEC link
2013-04-10 Amended $17,312,964 SEC link
2011-03-14 New $5,712,964 SEC link
2010-12-20 New $112,963 SEC link
2010-07-14 New $250,000 SEC link
2009-07-14 New $110,000 SEC link
2007-11-05 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Steve Carnevale Executive
Dennis Dougherty Director
Joy Parr Drach Director, Executive
Charles Galanaugh Director, Executive
Andrew Graham Executive
Gary R. Greenbaum Director
Robert E. Hannan Director
Randall Marcuson Director
Matthew Miller Director
Rodolfo Rodriguez Director, Executive
James Rosen Director
Bob Shapiro Director
Ben Shelton Director
Tony Simpson Director
Steven Weinstein Director
Simon Wheeler Director