Anchor Insurance Holdings, Inc.

Industry: Insurance (See others in industry)

5959 Central Avenue Suite 200
St. Petersburg, FL, 33710
Phone: 7278536672


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-03-31 New $1,600,000 SEC link
2017-03-31 Amended $1,385,000 SEC link
2014-09-30 New $31,090,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Daniel Bowman Director
Michael Farrell Executive
Jyoti Kerkar Director
Pramod Kerkar Director
Steve Kontos Director
Christofis Kontos Director
Kim Maxted Director
Brendan Moeller Director
Kevin Pawlowski Executive
Jennifer Pintacuda Director, Executive
Richard Roberts Director
Mitchel Sattler Director, Executive
John Souliotis Director
Michael Terry Executive
Loukas Zagaris Director
Varnavas Zagaris Director