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950 Tower Lane Suite 1900
Foster City, CA, 94404
Phone: 650-571-5800


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-05-18 Amended $150,677,512 SEC link
2016-05-27 Amended $112,760,512 SEC link
2015-12-03 Amended $74,145,512 SEC link
2015-11-02 Amended $74,145,512 SEC link
2015-06-08 Amended $61,355,512 SEC link
2014-09-19 Amended $29,570,512 SEC link
2014-06-09 Amended $243,945,336 SEC link
2013-08-30 New Yet to Sell SEC link
2013-05-29 New $36,197,657 SEC link
2012-06-01 Amended $537,739,394 SEC link
2011-07-28 Amended $537,739,394 SEC link
2011-03-11 Amended $527,204,394 SEC link
2010-03-11 Amended $522,504,394 SEC link
2009-03-16 Amended $521,904,394 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Thomas E. Bailard Director
Promoter And Investment Manager Bailard, Inc. Promoter
Barbara V. Bailey Executive
Brad Blake Director
Charles Crocker Director
Diana L. Dessonville Executive
Evelyn Dilsaver Director
Geoffrey Dohrmann Director
Michelle L. Foss Director, Executive
D. Wylie Greig Director
Daniel Grote Director
Tess Gruenstein Executive
Sharon S. Henderson Executive
Peter M. Hill Director
Laurance R. Hoagland Director
Laurance R. Hoagland, Jr. Director
Bailard, Inc. Promoter
Bailard Inc. Promoter
Vincent Korta Executive
Sharon P. Linnik Executive
Diana Dessonville Mudge Executive
Henry S. Newhall Executive
Dipika Patel Executive
James Pinkerton Executive
Erin M. Randolph Executive
Minnie Y. Sanford Executive
Preston R Sargent Director, Executive
Sonya Thadhani Executive