Blu Homes, Inc.

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1245 Nimitz Avenue Mare Island, Building No. 680
Vallejo, CA, 94592
Phone: (866) 887-7997


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2015-01-02 Amended $35,000,000 SEC link
2014-12-24 New $21,675,000 SEC link
2013-06-20 New $48,455,002 SEC link
2012-09-10 New $1,969,927 SEC link
2012-07-23 New $1,000,000 SEC link
2012-03-09 New $5,100,000 SEC link
2011-12-28 New $7,000,000 SEC link
2011-05-16 New $12,550,000 SEC link
2011-03-31 Amended $7,400,000 SEC link
2010-06-25 New $6,900,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
John Adams Director
Andrew Bedford Director
Woody Bell Executive
Jonathan Bond Director
T. Brett Chisholm Executive
Karl Daubmann Executive
Robert Davenport Director
Ryan E. Dings Executive
Timothy J. Disney Director
Kaitlin Burek Haggerty Executive
William M. Haney Director, Executive, Promoter
William M. Haney Iii Director, Executive, Promoter
Diana P. Helfrich Executive
Trevor Huffard Executive
Robert Kranenburg Executive
Marie Langlois Director
Louis Malmberg Director
Gary Martell Executive
Michael Mc Caffrey Executive
Maura G. Mc Carthy Executive, Promoter
Dennis Michaud Executive
Michele Perry Executive
John Pilkin Executive
Jacob Silber Executive
Albert Yan Executive