CallMiner, Inc.

Industry: Other Technology (See others in industry)

200 West Street
Waltham, MA, 02451
Phone: 781-547-5690


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2016-12-27 New $2,999,999 SEC link
2016-01-06 Amended $16,287,385 SEC link
2015-07-28 New $10,287,386 SEC link
2013-11-04 New $2,000,000 SEC link
2013-02-06 New $9,610,889 SEC link
2012-09-26 Amended $6,500,000 SEC link
2011-10-06 New $2,000,000 SEC link
2010-10-06 Amended $7,000,000 SEC link
2010-08-03 New $1,960,205 SEC link
2009-02-26 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link
2006-07-06 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Greg Baty Director
Paul Bernard Executive
Kim C. Brown Executive
Steven Chambers Director
Robert Davoli Director
Jeffrey A. Gallino Director, Executive
John Glushik Director
Brian Kim Director
Terence M. Leahy Director, Executive
Robert Nelson Director
Robert Orlando Executive
Glenn T. Rieger Director
Jay Rosenberger Director
Dan Rua Director