Industry: Pooled Investment Fund (See others in industry)

2850 Quarry Lake Drive
Baltimore, MD, 21209
Phone: 410-413-2600


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-05-18 Amended $2,233,966,159 SEC link
2016-05-18 Amended $2,192,089,380 SEC link
2015-05-21 Amended $1,940,403,905 SEC link
2014-05-20 Amended $2,011,214,074 SEC link
2013-05-22 Amended $1,506,343,220 SEC link
2012-04-24 Amended $1,353,374,275 SEC link
2011-04-29 Amended $1,207,623,893 SEC link
2010-04-30 Amended $1,138,649,346 SEC link
2009-04-17 Amended $1,101,264,489 SEC link
2009-04-16 Amended $1,101,264,489 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
G. William Andrews Director, Executive
William G. Andrews Executive
Theresa D Becks Director, Executive
D Keith Campbell Director
D. Keith Campbell Director, Executive
N/A Campbell & Company, Inc. Executive
N/A Campbell & Company, Lp Executive
William C Clarke Iii Director
Bruce L. Cleland Director, Executive
Gregory T. Donovan Executive
Michael S. Harris Director, Executive
Michael J Hebrank Executive
Kevin M Heerdt Director, Executive
Xiaohua Hu Executive
Richard Johnson Executive
Heidi L. Kaiser Executive
Joseph Kelly Executive
James M Little Director, Executive
Thomas P. Lloyd Director, Executive
Robert W. Mc Bride Executive
Brian Nabet Executive
John Radle Executive
Stephen C. Roussin Director, Executive
Steven A. Schneider Executive
Sarah Sheckells Executive
Darvin Sterner Executive
Adam Tremper Executive
Tracy Wills Zapata Executive