Industry: Biotechnology (See others in industry)

603 Stanwix Street Suite 390
Pittsburgh, PA, 15222
Phone: 412-263-2870


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-04-20 Amended $710,000 SEC link
2016-08-17 New $100,000 SEC link
2016-07-06 Amended $353,000 SEC link
2015-12-31 New $248,000 SEC link
2014-09-09 New $267,500 SEC link
2014-09-09 Amended Yet to Sell SEC link
2013-10-25 New Yet to Sell SEC link
2012-02-28 New $125,000 SEC link
2010-05-05 Amended $684,000 SEC link
2010-05-05 New Yet to Sell SEC link
2010-04-07 New $150,000 SEC link
2009-06-04 New $761,300 SEC link
2008-04-16 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link
2007-05-03 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link
2006-09-20 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link
2006-08-14 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Eric T. Aherns Director
Eric T. Ahrens Director
T. Ronald Casper Executive
Lourdes M. Castellanos Executive
Jeffrey S. Friedman Director
Daniel P Gallagher Director
Daniel P. Gallagher, Jr. Director
Gregory T. Hebrank Director
Ronald B. Herberman Director
Paul L. Kornblith Director
Kevin S. Mc Clatchy Director
Charles F O'hanlon Director, Executive
Charles F. O'hanlon, Iii Director, Executive
Thomas Petzinger Director
Thomas Petzinger, Jr. Director
L. Gerald Tarantino Director
L Gerald Tarantino Director
Gerald L. Tarantino Director
D. Lansing Taylor Director