Cerecor Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology (See others in industry)

400 E. Pratt St. Suite 606
Baltimore, MD, 21202
Phone: 410-522-8707


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-05-08 New $5,000,000 SEC link
2016-09-16 New $1,000,000 SEC link
2014-07-21 New $16,259,016 SEC link
2013-09-06 New $6,805,883 SEC link
2012-04-04 New $22,137,301 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Thomas Aasen Director
Sol J. Barer Director
Eugene A. Bauer Director
Isaac Blech Director
John Catsimatidis Director
Bernadine Heather Fraser Executive
Phil Gutry Director
Uli Hacksell Director, Executive
John Kaiser Executive
Karen Krumeich Executive
Ronald Marcus Executive
Reza Mazhari Executive
Mariam E Morris Executive
Federica F. O'brien Executive
Blake M. Paterson Director, Executive
Magnus Persson Director
Sharon Rowland Executive
Behshad Sheldon Director
Cary Sucoff Director
Cary W. Sucoff, Jr. Director
Mayukh Sukhatme Director
Frank Torti Director
James Vornov Executive