Consumers United, Inc.

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31 St. James Avenue 4 Th Floor
Boston, MA, 02116
Phone: 888-991-1091


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2016-06-28 New $18,917,928 SEC link
2015-09-17 New $6,306,926 SEC link
2014-04-16 New $14,000,000 SEC link
2013-02-20 Amended $21,961,663 SEC link
2012-12-28 New $21,211,655 SEC link
2010-08-25 New $3,700,004 SEC link
2008-08-11 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link
2008-07-21 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link
2007-10-22 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Amit Basak Executive
William Baughman Director
Alexander T. Bok Director
Matt Coffin Director
Justin Dangel Director
James Ermilio Director
Matthew Harris Director
Stephen Kezirian Director, Executive
Joshua Koplewicz Director
Josh Koplewicz Director
Mo Koyfman Director
Moshe Koyfman Director
Mitch Mackoff Executive
Hal Schwartz Executive
Jay Kemp Smith Director
Heath Watkin Director