PlanetRisk, Inc.

Industry: Other Technology (See others in industry)

8280 Greensboro Dr Suite 800
Mclean, VA, 22102
Phone: 703-760-9729


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-03-16 Amended $3,854,942 SEC link
2017-01-31 New $1,687,670 SEC link
2016-09-13 Amended $5,061,857 SEC link
2016-08-17 New $4,750,042 SEC link
2016-01-27 Amended $2,500,016 SEC link
2015-11-23 New $1,269,624 SEC link
2015-03-03 New $1,500,023 SEC link
2012-07-12 New $15,000,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Hugo Borda Executive
Denis Clements Executive
Laurence J. De Franco Director
Diane De Franco Executive
Mark Dumas Executive
Robert Edwards Director
Mark Giaconia Executive
Scott Hoch Director
Brad Kniejski Director
William Lilley Director
William Lilley, Iii Director
Andrew Lindner Director
Paul Mc Quillan Director, Executive
Matt Priester Executive
Robert A. Smith Director
Jim Stokes Executive
Dale Watson Director
James Randal Wimmer, Jr. Director