Industry: Pharmaceuticals (See others in industry)

301 Binney Street
Cambridge, MA, 02142
Phone: 617-621-7722


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2016-10-11 New $150,000,000 SEC link
2013-01-10 New $175,000,000 SEC link
2009-11-17 New $15,000,018 SEC link
2009-09-03 Amended $249,996 SEC link
2009-09-03 New $24,999,996 SEC link
2009-08-31 New $249,996 SEC link
2008-09-26 Paper Filing Unknown SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
George H. Conrades Director
Joseph C. Cook, Jr. Director
Mark G. Currie Executive
Andrew Dreyfus Director
David A. Ebersman Director
Marsha H. Fanucci Director
Halley E. Giblert Executive
Thomas Graney Executive
Peter M. Hecht Director, Executive
Michael J. Higgins Executive
Stephen Knight Director
Thomas A. Mccourt Executive
Terrance G. Mcguire Director
Julie H. Mchugh Director
Gina Bornino Miller Director
Lawrence S. Olanoff Director
Edward P. Owens Director
Bryan E. Roberts Director
David E. Shaw Director
Christopher T. Walsh Director
Douglas E. Williams Director