Mobiquity Inc.

Industry: Telecommunications (See others in industry)

51 Sawyer Road Suite 410
Waltham, MA, 02453
Phone: (617) 456-1390


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2016-12-13 Amended $14,167,319 SEC link
2016-10-11 New $13,167,319 SEC link
2015-10-14 New $5,000,000 SEC link
2014-11-12 New $3,000,000 SEC link
2014-08-27 New $2,000,000 SEC link
2014-05-12 New $3,000,000 SEC link
2013-10-16 New $1,631,805 SEC link
2013-06-12 New $12,062,137 SEC link
2011-03-31 New $5,000,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Michael L. Bayer Executive
John Castleman Director, Executive
Robert Davoli Director
Michael Di Piano Director
Richard D. Dionne Executive
Michael Donahue Director
Michael J. Heffernan Executive
Robert Lubash Executive
Paul Margolis Director
Scott A. Scott Executive
William A. Seibel Director, Executive
Thomas Sheehan Executive
Mark S. Shirman Director
Scott A. Snyder Executive