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7351 Kirkwood Lane Suite 138
Maple Grove, MN, 55369
Phone: 763-515-0051


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-03-03 Amended $14,590,169 SEC link
2017-02-03 New $12,234,196 SEC link
2015-12-10 New $25,000,000 SEC link
2015-12-10 New $8,264,260 SEC link
2015-02-11 New $3,000,000 SEC link
2013-09-30 New $6,575,000 SEC link
2013-04-11 New $3,500,000 SEC link
2011-08-31 Amended $14,627,300 SEC link
2011-03-08 New $8,700,000 SEC link
2011-02-08 Amended $2,500,000 SEC link
2010-11-01 Amended $2,000,000 SEC link
2010-08-02 New $1,000,000 SEC link
2009-11-17 New $3,000,000 SEC link
2008-05-23 Paper Filing Unknown Not Available

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Carmen L. Bringgold Executive
Charles Chon Director
Mark Christopherson Executive
Andre De Bruin Director
Patrick Fabian Executive
Patrick Fabien Executive
Maximillian Fiore Director, Executive
Jan Garfinkle Director
Brian Gustafson Director
Sami Hamade Director
Michael Hoey Director
Michael Kujak Director, Executive
Thomas Lowe Director
Tom Lowe Director
Glen Nelson Director
J. Robert Paulson Director, Executive
J. Robert Paulson Director, Executive
Sigrid Van Bladel, Ph.D Director