Physicians Realty L.P.

Industry: REITS and Finance (See others in industry)

309 N. Water Street Suite 500
Milwaukee, WI, 53202
Phone: 414-367-5600


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-04-07 New $44,259,508 SEC link
2017-02-01 New $718,593 SEC link
2016-02-02 New $2,868,630 SEC link
2015-09-14 New $240,003 SEC link
2015-06-09 New $3,419,500 SEC link
2014-10-01 New $13,200,000 SEC link
2014-09-08 New $3,969,452 SEC link
2014-07-30 Amended $8,283,983 SEC link
2014-07-03 New $7,225,511 SEC link
2014-05-30 New $1,256,014 SEC link
2014-05-30 New $1,879,206 SEC link
2013-10-11 New $11,534,909 SEC link
2013-08-09 New $169,597,367 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Stanton D. Anderson Director
Mark A. Baumgartner Director
Albert C. Black Director
William A. Ebinger Director
Daniel M. Klein Executive
John W. Lucey Executive
Bradley D. Page Executive
John W. Sweet Executive
D. Deeni Taylor Executive
Jeffrey N. Theiler Executive
Mark D. Theine Executive
John T. Thomas Director, Executive
Tommy G. Thompson Director
Richard A. Weiss Director