Picmonic Inc.

Industry: Other (See others in industry)

515 E. Grant Street
Phoenix, AZ, 85004
Phone: 480-499-0887


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-03-06 New $150,000 SEC link
2015-06-12 New $1,750,000 SEC link
2015-04-14 New $100,000 SEC link
2014-08-11 New $350,000 SEC link
2014-02-25 New $450,000 SEC link
2012-10-17 Amended $680,000 SEC link
2012-04-24 Amended $635,000 SEC link
2012-03-20 Amended $575,000 SEC link
2012-02-28 Amended $375,000 SEC link
2012-02-23 Amended $255,000 SEC link
2012-02-13 Amended $175,000 SEC link
2012-02-07 New $175,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Bhupinder Babbrah Director
Petra Grubisic Executive
Robert Hayes Executive
Robert La Loggia Director
Andriana Ledesma Executive
Estevan Mc Calley Executive
Matthew Pittinsky Director
Ron Robertson Director, Executive
Ken Robertson Executive
Ameeth Sankaran Director
Colleen M. Shannon Executive
Adeel Yang Director
Ahmad Yang Executive