Sunshine Heart, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology (See others in industry)

12988 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, MN, 55344
Phone: 952-345-4200


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-02-27 New $563,863 SEC link
2017-01-25 New $200,000 SEC link
2016-11-09 New $3,600,000 SEC link
2016-08-18 New $950,000 SEC link
2016-08-02 New $3,468,000 SEC link
2015-03-02 New $360,000 SEC link
2013-05-20 New $1,500,000 SEC link
2012-09-19 New $700,000 SEC link
2012-02-22 New $2,112,769 SEC link
2011-08-10 New $4,969,631 SEC link
2010-11-24 New $3,500,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Kevin P. Bassett Executive
Steven Brandt Director
John Brennan Director
Geoffrey E. Brooke Director
Brian Brown Executive
Paul Buckman Director
Nicholas Callinan Director
Claudia Drayton Executive
John L. Erb Director, Executive
Mark Harvey Director
Rowena Hubble Executive
Debra J. Kridner Executive
Matthew Likens Director
Eric Lovett Executive
Crispin Marsh Director
Jeffrey S. Mathiesen Executive
Donal O'dwyer Director
Kimberly Oleson Executive
William S. Peters Executive
David A. Rosa Director, Executive
John W. Salveson Director
Jon Salveson Director
Molly Wade Executive
Gregory Waller Director
Warren S. Watson Director
Jim Yearick Executive