SmartStory Technologies, Inc.

Industry: Other Technology (See others in industry)

12592 W. Explorer Dr., Suite 150
Boise, ID, 83713-1877
Phone: 208-258-6100


Date Type Sold Raw Filing
2017-01-31 New $500,000 SEC link
2016-05-02 New $3,853,268 SEC link
2015-07-21 Amended $2,459,222 SEC link
2014-09-16 Amended $3,687,500 SEC link
2014-08-04 New $458,466 SEC link
2014-06-20 Amended $3,300,000 SEC link
2013-11-15 New $350,000 SEC link

Directors and Executives (Current and Past)

Name Role
Evans Baiya Executive
Evanson Baiya Director
Michael Boerner Director
Chris Di Giorgio Director
Eric Eilertsen Executive
John Kang Director
C. Lloyd Mahaffey Director, Executive
Brian Myers Director
Allen Plunk Director
Nicholas Preftakes Director
Nick Preftakes Director
Ron Price Director
Jeff Simpson Director
Roger Zanders Executive