Washington D.C. Area Startups and Growing Businesses

Company New Filing? Sold
Carlyle Strategic Partners IV, L.P. (Pooled Investment Fund - Washington, DC) No $2,243,181,819
DC Capital Partners Fund II, L.P. (Pooled Investment Fund - Alexandria, VA) No $267,020,000
Pinkard Fund II, L.P. (Other Real Estate - Bethesda, MD) Yes $19,190,000
Carlyle Property Investors (Master REIT), L.L.C. (REITS and Finance - Washington, DC) Yes $125,000
ATAATA, Inc. (Other - Arlington, VA) No $1,200,000
Debx, LLC (Other Technology - Bethesda, MD) No $500,000
Debx, LLC (Other Technology - Bethesda, MD) Yes $250,000
SineWave Ventures Direct 3, L.P. (Pooled Investment Fund - Arlington, VA) Yes Yet to Sell
QSM Corp (Other Technology - Mclean, VA) Yes $500,000
UIP Rittenhouse Invest, LLC (Other Real Estate - Washington, DC) Yes $685,000
GTT Communications, Inc. (Telecommunications - Mclean, VA) Yes $75,000,039
READ'S CLOTHING PROJECT, LLC (Retailing - Washington D.C., DC) Yes $75,000
RAMSEY LONG-BIASED FUND, LP (Pooled Investment Fund - Reston, VA) No $75,254,949
MMAX Investment Partners, Inc. (Other - Reston, VA) Yes $25,000,000
Predictit Inc. (Other - Washington, DC) Yes $420,000
Tempest Media, Inc. (Other Technology - Washington, DC) Yes $50,000
Dark3, Inc. (Other Technology - Alexandria, VA) Yes $1,197,157
VERISMA SYSTEMS, INC. (Other Health Care - Alexandria, VA) Yes $2,500,000
Weinberg Medical Physics, Inc. (Other Technology - North Besthesda, MD) Yes $1,305,000
Mytonomy, Inc. (Other Technology - Bethesda, MD) Yes $250,000
Measure UAS, Inc. (Other Technology - Washington, DC) Yes $15,000,115
MDR Precision Fund, LP (Pooled Investment Fund - Bethesda, MD) No $3,510,512
Kidd Gary Albert (Other - Germantown, MD) Yes Yet to Sell
Solomon Hess Opportunity Fund LLC (Pooled Investment Fund - Falls Church, VA) No $10,345,876
CommuniClique, Inc. (Other Technology - Arlington, VA) Yes $19,741,927
GiftedHire, Inc. (Other - Washington, DC) Yes $200,000
Tianyou Fund, L.P. (Pooled Investment Fund - Annandale, VA) No $101,794,936
Tianyou Offshore Fund, Ltd. (Pooled Investment Fund - Annandale, VA) No Yet to Sell
Rigquipment Finance, LLC (Other - Arlington, VA) Yes $225,000
PLS INC. (Other Technology - Reston, VA) Yes $749,999